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Black Rock City is a city made for Burners by Burners. Quite possibly the most unique city on the face of the Earth. But it is also a city like many others in America and around the world.
We have many of the same amenities: bars, dance clubs, restaurants, roller skating rinks, hospitals, a post office, churches and temples, childcare centers, bowling alleys, bathhouses, coffee shops, ice houses, massage parlors, BDSM clubs... the list is virtually endless. Plus, there are parades, protests, AA meetings, NA meetings, speed dating, pancake breakfasts, weddings, and more. If you can think it, you will find it in Black Rock City.
Yet there is something we feel is missing. Most cities, heck, even tiny little towns or villages, have a theatre of some kind in its community. And while Black Rock City has plenty of theatrical performances by fire dancers and poi spinners and live bands, there is no THEATRE.
We have Disco Police charging into camps and arresting people for not being "funky" enough, cohorts of 50+ people dressed as cows staging a stampede through town, Trojans dragging their sacrificial horse out to the playa, and white parties at dawn. Plenty of theatricality, but still no honest-to-goodness THEATRE.
Well, we have decided to remedy that.
We are creating Black Rock City Repertory Theatre, and our inaugural season will be two of Shakespeare's classics: "As You Like It" and "A Midsummer Night's Dream".
But this isn't your grandparents' Shakespeare. These plays are being fully Burn-ified, Playa-ified, and Funk-ified. We might as well change the names to "As You Burn It" and "A Midsummer Night's Burn".
The plays have been cut down to come in at just over an hour and the language has been adapted with minimum changes for maximum enjoyment. We will begin an hour before sunset each night, starting Sunday the 26th, by inviting anyone who cares to join us to hear the immortal words of The Bard, Mr. William "Dutch" Shakespeare, into our glorious theatre and into our hearts.
Seriously, that was Shakespeare's nickname. Google it.
But not just Shakespeare. We're creating a multi-tiered environment for discourse, dialogue, and dancing. Since we're only using our stage during our performances, we'll be reaching out to other camps who are looking for a central location to have their own events. Yoga classes, guided meditations, Bitcoin lectures, magic shows. It all has a home that is (slightly) out of the sun, (slightly) out of the dust, and (totally) awesome.
And we've already been placed at A & 8:45! Right off the 9:00 Portal, just behind the Esplanade, and centrally located for everyone to get to easily!

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