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About Kaitlyn Novak

Hello everyone, Koala Sparkle Face here a.k.a Kaitlyn Novak. My goal is to use YouTube to help save for my college savings. I'm an aspiring YouTuber with big hopes and dreams.  For everyone that is not familiar with YouTube, this is a site where creators can go and film videos and upload them online. Over time, with enough people subscribing to your channel, you can start to earn money. It works by you watching ads that is placed in the videos. For every ad, you are paid a certain amount of money. Over time, with a big established subscriber base, you can make good money. My goal is to upload premium content to build up subscribers therefore earning money from it. This would be put into my savings account for college

Where is Koala Sparkle Face channel heading? Future videos would be challenges, podcasts, comedy skits, game videos and vlogs. I am very dedicated and hardworking. I am always thinking of new things to try. I also have a team of people that sit with me to conjure up new and interesting ideas. The possibility's are endless! The main goal here is to entertain my audience. I know without a doubt that I can do that and then some. 

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U46IUHRmE2c&t=73s<<<<<<   Check out one of my videos!

This is where all you wonderful, beautiful, smart, and amazing people come in.  I am in desperate need of updating my video and audio equipment. Your Patreon dollars would go towards building up the channel.  Take a look at my channel now. I started it about a year ago and it has come a long way, but it needs help. I have watched hours apon hours of videos showing me different ways in editing but I need help. Over time, I would be able to get someone to help me with editing. With all of you, we can take this channel to a whole new level.  This channel will only get better as time goes on. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. Your help would mean the world to me! Join the Koalas TODAY! So after you become one of my most awesome patrons, go to my YouTube channel and hit that Subscribe button. You will not regret it, I PROMISE!

$0 of $450 per month

Ok, I have 3 goals. first is $450, then $600 and then $750. (second two goals will make you happy, I promise) With the $450 we can start bettering the channel by purchasing new studio equipment. But when we reach goal two and three, that's when things get really exciting for all of you!
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