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Anatomy Studies and References (Male + Female):

Different anatomy poses and references focused on specific body parts.

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Join me in exclusive Livestreams 1 - 2 times a month!

  • Access to Patreon-only content!
  • Exclusive Patreon-Only sketches (3+)
  • Behind the scene looks at the creations!
  • Early Access to all my works, projects, and events!
  • Access to Discord Community!
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Clothing/ Fabric Studies and References:

Each Month will focus on different clothing material.

PDF Step-By-Step Tutorials! 

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  • Access to patreon-only content!
  • Exclusive Patreon-Only sketches (3+)
  •  Sneak peaks at W.I.P.'s  
  •  Early Access to all my works! 
  • Anatomy Studies and References (Male + Female)!
  • Patreon- Only Live Streams!
Includes Discord rewards

About KoalaTheArtist

Who is Koala The Artist?

My name is Erica, but I'm best known by my online alias Koala The Artist on websites such as Instagram, YouTube and Twitter, where I often post new art and creations, as well as chat and share my thoughts with other artists and supporters.

I'm a Self-taught Traditional Artist and Animator that draws in a Semi-realistic anime style in varying themes including horror, comedy, cute and sexy. I also create and share fan art, studies, and references. I've been drawing every since I could hold a pencil and haven't been able to put it down since. I aspire to be a manga artist some day and to publish my own personal manga and eventually turn it into an animation!


Support Me

My Patreon helps me focus more on my own original idea and new artistic projects - with the goal to eventually publish my personal manga and turn it into an animation. If you like the works that I create and would like to see even more exclusive content from me, you can now support me and earn some awesome rewards in the process that you can only receive here on Patreon! With your support, it will give me the passion to keep going, improve my creations, and work on some seriously awesome projects that we both love more frequently!

Rewards F.A.Q:
Q: When do I get charged?

A: You will be charged on the 1st of every month. If you're a new Patron, you will be charged immediately of your pledge amount to gain immediate access to the rewards. Afterwards, you will be charged monthly.

Q: How often am I charged?
A: You are charged ONCE a month for the amount you are pledging.

Q: When do I get my rewards?
A: I release rewards within the first week of the month after pledges are processed!
 This allows me the entire month to create awesome rewards for you and for you to receive all the rewards at once! You can only receive the reward if you're currently pledging at the time of the post.

Q: How do I receive my rewards?
A: Rewards will be released via Patron Message!
From there, you can have access to all of your rewards. With the exception of Early Access works and W.I.P's that are released here on Patreon days/weeks before my other social media.

Have other questions?
No problem! Just send me an email at
[email protected].

- Koala + Winter + Snow
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With your support, I'll be able to upgrade my software and provide you with frequent animationsdigital art, as well as more drawings and illustrations!
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