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About Ko

My name is Tyler or Ko (whichever you prefer) and I draw stuff! I'm a full time artist and part time design student trying to make a career art, concept art and character design respectively. I post all of my major works here for all to see regardless of patronage, so feel free to follow me if you want to see my posts as soon as they're released! Becoming a patron will give you access to things like work-in-progress images, high resolution files, and even personalized sketches! So feel free to follow become a patron. Every bit of support helps enormously! ^-^

Regarding Patron Sketches
You must own the rights to the character you're wanting me to draw as well as have a reference available so that I know what your character looks like when I draw them. Each drawing is to be SFW, and if so desired, multiple people may opt to have their characters in one combined drawing.

My portfolio, commissions, and all major social links can be found on my website!
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