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Kawaii Koneko Access is for all tiers. This includes your instagram or Patreon username on my website (under the patrons tab) for all to see that you helped me come to where I am today. Your name will stay up every month that you donate. Basic access also includes access to my discord server! This server is Patron exclusive, and for all tiers. Access to the server gives you faster access to me (the creator) and you can give me direct critique, advice, or influence on what creations will come out my shop next!

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Kawaiirashi Koneko Tier is for 3rd level patrons and up!  Besides first and second level benefits (discord access, website feature, and 10% discount for premades/customs), you get VIP Earlybird access to releases and can call dibs on ONE item or set that you want to claim and buy for yourself!

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About Olivia Clouse

Koneko Customs is a cosplay store that makes faux fur accessories. My ears, tails, and sets are handmade and airbrushed by hand. I strive to have a fast response time and great quality for all of my following. For more information on my custom pricing and how to order, please visit my website https://konekocustoms.wixsite.com/site and for updates on releases and more, follow me on Instagram @konekocustoms
Thank you so so much for your support (pledge or no pledge)! Without you, I wouldn't be nearly as successful as where I am today. Whether you follow my Instagram, put favorites on my Etsy, run a shop, or cosplay, you are the reason I exist. I've been creative ever since I was a young child, and I've been all over the place trying to find my niche. I crochet, paint, sew, sing, code websites, and of course, make the cosplay accessories you see today at Koneko Customs.
So, a little about what I do outside of Koneko Customs is I am a full-time student. I'm currently working on my Bachelor's and Master's degree in Criminology/Criminal Justice. I run Koneko Customs both at school and at home (location is dependant on the school year), and I'm usually making a pattern or tail whenever I get the chance away from my studies. I started finding I liked making ears, tails, and the like in the summer of 2018. I love people cosplay, and I especially love when people incorporate my work into their work. 
If you are generous enough to pledge, you will gain access to patron-only rewards listed in 5 different tiers, from discord access and a website feature, to discount codes, to a pair of ears made just for you (and some tips on how I made them)!
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