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At this funding level, you will receive either the Twine Quest or chapters from the course. The Twine Quest is an online Choose Your Own Adventure that offers the reader choices. These adventures are adult friendly and rated G for kids of all ages to enjoy. 



About Dalene Davies

Welcome to Kooky Tales at Patreon! At Kooky Tales, I believe that change comes through commitment. What if you could give peace of mind to your favorite creative artist? What if just one person pledged $1 a month to fund projects by artists? That is the ultimate goal of Patron! Here at Kooky Tales (Dalene Davies), a new and exciting platform creates Transmedia Interactive projects suitable for all ages. As stated above, pledges offered by fans = peace of mind to your Creative Artists! 
                                        ABOUT ME!
    I am a creative transmedia project creator and inventive educational homeschool author. Novels to Interactive read, write and draw books to engaging the mind through Kooky Tale Quests, I engage the whole using Transmedia platforms to teach, entertain and delight all ages.
    As a Transmedia Creator, I use unique storylines from my books to create different ways to teach, entertain and delight the user. The apps, eBooks, websites, webinars, journals, and courses connect the different universes of my novels to create a whole unit. Each can be used separately or together.  
   Thanks for funding change one book, one smile, one laugh and one dollar at a time!
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