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About Kori and Aki

Both of us are highschool students who have been in the art community for a while. We both created this Patreon page in order to raise money for our tuition fees in preparation for college. 

Kori creates illustrations regarding cartoons, comics, fanarts, own characters, and calligraphy. Aki on the other hand creates illustrations on anime portraits, own characters, fanarts, and surrealism.

Please do keep in mind that we are still developing artists but we hope to satisfy you with our artworks. We will start at a low price for our artworks and we'll increase it only when it's up to standards. We do thank you once you've purchased our artworks since it really motivates us to do better and strive more in our artworks ❤

Regarding our goals and rewards, there would be more over the time, for now, we just started. In regards to the rewards, I need your address to ship the items from. Email me the address at: [email protected]
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This is for those who just wants to support us! A huge thank you for those who supports us 💗

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I am giving away 3 free art prints to 5 chosen patrons of their chosen illustration! Address required.

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