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About Kory Ember

Hi there! I'm Kory!

I am a cosplayer! I went to my first convention, Otakon in 2011, woefully unprepared for the amazing chaos that is conventions. After that year, I decided I wanted to cosplay, but I wasn't sure what to create or how to go about creating and crafting. I ended up putting together a few rave outfits that fulfilled my want... for a little while. In 2013, I decided to go full throttle and attempt to make a Silent Hill nurse and Pyramid Head.
I got amazing feedback and I fell in love.

I went back to Otakon in the following years after remaking my nurse dress and Pyramid Head's head. There was an even better response. I was totally hooked and ready to take on more challenges. 

From then, I have made 2 versions of Poison Ivy,

Blake from Season 4 of RWBY, Lilith from Borderlands, and more! 

At this point in my life, I have more time to dedicate to my passion, to making costumes and cosplaying with an amazing community. I ask that you think about becoming one of my patrons. It really does mean the absolute world to me and I thank you for even reading this far!

Why Patreon?

While I have not experienced any flak when voicing my thoughts about joining Patreon as a creator, I know others have. The reason for me joining is I want this more than anything. I want to be able to do this 24/7, nonstop. That's my dream. Unfortunately, in the world we live in that means being able to make this a job, a business. By receiving money from Patrons I will be able to make more, bigger, better! Don't worry though. Even if you aren't able to contribute or don't want to, I will still be posting on my Facebook and Twitter.
Just you thinking about it makes me warm and fuzzy inside.
$81 of $1,500 per month
I have an absolutely amazing opportunity to travel to Japan this summer with my best friend. Basically everything is paid for except the airfare. Current low ticket prices are between $1200-$1500.

(I'm not sure how to make it a one time goal, but I still want to keep you guys up to date on where your contributions are going!)
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