Koshka Les

is creating Traditional and digital Illustrations, Comics, Character Design

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Hey! I am an artist trying to make her way in the world. I have many things to express and much to say: illustrations to do, comics to draw and animations to create. My mind is full of ideas that need to be realized, and I can not do this alone. I am more than willing to work and give you a bit of my life and my soul with my creations because it is what I want the most: to get to you and to feel identified or you like what I do or make you think. That is the art! to express ourselves.
I hope you can support me as my patreon, so i have the resources to improve, bring more content and reach more people. 
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When i reach 20 amazing, beautiful and exquisitely caved people that are willing to support and love me as much as i love them, i'll ... dance... on video. And credit them in such video with all my love. 
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