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That, and you get access to all my completed works so far. Think of it as a library subscription with special published works. You also get updates and early drafts just like the $10 reward tier, but this one is for people with tight budgets. I'm using the honor system and I might regret it, but who cares? It's just my livelihood.

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There comes a point in my life that I have to acknowledge that I am a creator of worlds and stories. Over the years, I have tried to fit the traditional molds and pathways that were given to me for thirty years of my life. I don't, can't, and won't. I tried. It seems the core of my being revolves around expression. There are stories in my mind that are aching to be drawn out into the open. Expression in the highest form. But most of all, I want to write epics worthy of word and film with strong characters with flaws who can love and lose, anger and anguish, and cringe and cry. I want to spend the rest of my life writing scripts and stories. I rather delight the hearts and souls of those around me, knowing that I gave them a place in their lives when the world did not. That is my mission.


Unofficial Overwatch Short Film Scripts
Because I kinda went Reddit famous, I will be doing monthly scripts for your entertainment! Access to them might be monetized over time, but I wouldn't do it for my first three scripts. If you love my work, please be a patron so I can keep doing this! Thank you in advance!

The Princess Pages (Screenplay, done!)
An insecure captain of the royal guard teams up with a magical researcher to put their princess's soul back together.

The Princess Pages - The Wrath of the Sky Captain
A deadly armada threatens our heros' mission to save a city ravaged by war or else their kingdom falls to total anarchy.

Returning to Eden (Screenplay Novel, in progress)
A bereft mother loses her son and wages war upon the government that stole him from her.

Reclaim (Video Game Story Script, in progress)
A gang rape victim learns the art of stealth combat and seeks revenge upon the people who stole her life away.

Trips vs. Floods (Sitcom Series)
A single mother fights the rising rents of her neighborhood by faking a gang war for her son's future.

White Knight (Television Drama Series)
A renegade investment banker uses his firm to save small businesses from corporate raiders to search for his own inner peace with his dead son.

Entropy (Screenplay)
A scientist discovers a sinister plan usurping the balance of power and he must expose the plot or the future of science dies.

Working Title (Screenplay/Graphic Novel)
A young boy, losing his family to a drug cartel, becomes a hacktivist superhero to destroy the very cartel who ruined his life.

Funding Purposes

The money will be a steady, sustainable, livable income for my writing. Everyone wants [email protected]#k You Money, the amount necessary to say those words to their boss and live their own lives, doing what they love.Your support will help me greatly for my mental health and my writing by allowing me to do what I love without the burden of bills.


The goal is at least $1500/month, because the Bay Area is expensive and it's not getting any easier! Any more than that number would be paradise for me, considering that would help me afford a retirement, a house, and raising a family. You know, boring things, but offering sustainability of entertaining you will delight me to boundless joy. I would be forever grateful to say the words:

"I'm a successful writer."

70% complete
Gas in my car so I can travel out for my day job and not use my credit card, because that would make me die in crippling debt!

Better yet, it frees 3-4 hours/week for writing! Thank you, everyone!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 12 exclusive posts

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