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A Good Heart (Usually worth too much)

  • This will let you help out the server without getting anything in return, but we will appreciate the kind gesture and your good heart. (:
Hectic Rank
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Hectic Rank (Usually worth $20!)

  • Purple colour name tag
  • Map votes count for more! (3 votes instead of 1)
  • Join full lobbies (Kicks other regular/Chaos members)
  • /ptime
Insane Rank
per month
Insane Rank (Usually worth $40!)

  • Red colour name tag
  • Fly in hubs
  • Join full lobbies (Kicks other regular/Chaos members)
  • Map votes count for more! (4 votes instead of 1)
  • 50 friends (Regular users have 10)
  • Bypass chat cooldown
  • /ptime




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About Kover Network

MCSG currently shut down, this has left many people devastated without an SG server. JustDash, HectonicJinx and BaconPoo have grouped up and thought about another SG server, Kover. It's going to be very similar to the SG on the MCSG network, same items and maps once we get permissions. The server will also be 1.7/1.8. The only differences there will be between the old MCSG and “Kover” (MCSG 2.0) is that the hosting will be in California, the hubs and the side bars will be for “Kover”. All donations would be greatly appreciated to help us on our way for the server, even the smallest of donations help!

Special Offer
If you re-upload our video, you will receive the Chaos Rank as a thank you reward! (Usually worth $5! However, this offer will end after our goal of $500 has been achieved, although the rank can still be purchased.)

Perks for Chaos Rank:
  • Green Colour Name Tag (In-game)
  • 2 Votes (Instead of 1)
  • 15 Friends (Regular players have 10)

Our video links:
JustDash - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ML3PP0aRVs
BaconPoo - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uKqyEwUSxKA 
HectonicJinx - 

Thank you, from Dash, Bacon and Jinx!

$0 of $300 per month
All money donated will go to the funding for the server and the work behind it! Thank you everyone for all the help!
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