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My name is Mateusz Kozicki. My nick name is Kozaluss.

I am a software developer from Poland.
I also write music, paint and draw, make handmade items and do few other creative things.

OsciloImages4 is a graphics generation program I am currently working on.

OsciloImages4 is based upon the idea of signal processing - very similar to this found in modern music software.

In the beginning I wanted to make software for myself to easily and quickly create complex textures and backgrounds for my graphic design projects. But the program has grown so big, that is might be interesting to more people than just me. Yet it still is in early stage - lack few features making life easy as well as has potential to grow so much more in contents. Therefore I decided to start Patreon campaign to help fund this project as well as spread the word about it.

To see my other creations, please come visit my blog here: 
$0 of $1,500 per month
Rapidness of the development is heavily time dependent. For now I can only spend some of my part time on this project, but would be happy to spend a lot more, if my supporters number will grow and their needs will grow along.
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