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Any support is welcome, and Thanks for it! I appreciate that! if you support me with 1 USD, you will receive:

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About Kraus Illustration

Hi Everyone!!!

My name is David, but everyone knows me as KRAUS, I'm a Manga Cartoon artist from Ecuador, also I am the main artist for the Youtube Channel SIMPLYUNLUCKY. I do a lot of stuff, specially Toon based artworks, Manga-Cartoonish Portraits, characters and digital art in different shadings. I love to draw what I love and what I see, Characters, Comics, Movies, people, etc. and try to bring those ideas to life with my art style.

Why Patreon?

I want to keep doing what I love as my full time job, It was a hard Journey to be where I am now and there's more journey ahead to become an amazing artist, but I can't do it without the support of the people and fans to love what I do, that's why I want to give you something if you support me on Patreon: Tutorials, exclusive previews, brushes, tips, high-resolution arts, exclusive access to non released projects and much more! 

Hope you can help build this dream and I will be glad forever for it! Hope what I do is something that you like and want to support it, the life on an artist is not easy, but is also a lot of fun because I can do something amazing and I can know a lot of awesome people in this journey! lets keep the dream walking! 

Greetings and Thanks if you can support my work!!!

$123 of $200 per month
This is Amazing, If this goal is reached, I will take less commissions so I can start doing more personal projects, and frequent livestreams, also I will be able to do Tutorials for Patreon and Youtube!!
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