is creating tattooed leather pieces.
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Thank you so much for contributing to my art! I will thank everyone who donates and give them a shout out on my Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. You will also be able to see patron only posts which include studio and life updates.
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In addition to my thanks, social media shout outs, and patron only posts, I will also take one drawing idea from you a week and post my drawing of it on Saturday. (So yes, I will draw one suggestion from every patron on this level.)
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I am crazy thankful for your support and to show you my gratitude I will give you all previous rewards, a 10% off coupon code for my Etsy store KreepieKorner, and a follow back on Instagram and Twitter.




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About KreepieMichaela

Hello everyone! My name is Michaela and I go by KreepieMichaela on Instagram and Twitter. I am a professional artist with a small Etsy shop, KreepieKorner. I enjoy creating original and fanart drawings with pen and ink, acrylic markers, watercolor pencils, and color pencils. However, my fine art practice involves a more unique process. I tattoo leather patches and garments that I have made in order to convey the notion that tattoos are more than designs on a person’s skin. They are a visual representation of the narrative of that person’s being.

By contributing to my Patreon you will be helping me support myself as a professional artist.

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This goal will assist me with purchasing supplies and further my art work.

Once I reach this goal I will be able to release more rewards such as monthly prints, original drawings, and other forms of physical rewards.
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