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Hello and Welcome to The Krimson Kreamer Patreon!!! 
I have been trying to make YouTube my career for a long time. The issue is not having enough money to get the equipment to be able to do achieve the level of quality i want. So , if you donate at least $1 dollar a month, and then tell a friend to do the same, i will be able to raise enough money for the equipment I need to be able to bring you guys the content you deserve at the quality you deserve. Also if you cannot donate money but would like to still support me, tell a friend. getting the word out there will also be of great help. thanks for your time, and Keep on Keeping on. 
$0 of $750 per month
This is half of the price for the Orign PC i want to buy to be able to have better streaming and gaming quality. PLUS it will allow me to play computer games and record them for you guys as well.
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