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is creating Writing and Teaching on Celtic Paganism and Horse Goddesses
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Access to private musings and scribblings. I often have weird and wonderful thoughts that aren't quite ready for a full-blown blog post, or a poem that you might enjoy ... things like that. I'll share them with you here, at least a couple of times a month. 
sturdy ponies
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Access to musings and scribblings, plus...

A quarterly chapbook that will include a combination of poetry, essays and possibly fiction. 

By joining this tier, or above, you are supporting me in creating new chapbooks, which will be offered for general sale a month or two after you get them. Think of it as being like the advance that publishers give authors. 

Chapbooks will be sent out in March, June, September and December, but members joining in other months will recieve a previously released one right away. 

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All the benefits of being a little pony or a sturdy pony, plus a quarterly personal oracle reading, using my unique Go Deeper oracle cards. Oracle readings will be in January, April, July and October. 

These readings will be done via email, and you will be welcome to ask questions, etc. after the initial reading is sent to you. 

herd leaders
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Access link to a monthly video. This will be a 10 - 20 minute talk on deity, mythology or ritual. Patrons at this level will be invited to make suggestions for future topics. 

Herd leaders will also receive the benefits of all other tiers - chapbooks, readings, musings and scribblings.




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About Kris Hughes

You may know me as a blogger, poet, friend or fellow traveller. Some of you may know that I've had some upheavals recently, and some of you may know that I'm writing a book about the Celtic horse goddesses. Like everyone, I have limited resources as far as time, money and energy, and my writing, hedge teaching and spiritual work is a labour of love. I'm excited to create a community of new friends, and can't wait to share more of what I do with you.

If you have ever said to me, or a creator like me, that you think we are contributing something valuable to society, if you've ever told an artist, "follow your dream" or "in the end you will only regret the chance you didn't take" then becoming a patron is for you!

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I desperately need a new laptop. Mine has a couple of problems that can't be repaired. I'm managing for now, but it's a pretty essential item for a writer! An extra $200 per month would make me feel more confident about spending the money. Right now this is my most pressing concern.
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