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Howdy Stranger! Just passing on through? Well, thank you for taking the time to become a patron, cause every last cent counts! 

With this tier, you'll get access to:

  • thumbnails, WIPS, and finished pages of Blissful Madness before they go public
  • concept art of any game created on the Patreon
  • your name in the credits of any game created on the Patreon
Background Character
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Background characters are an important element to any story, I mean somebody's gotta fill up the world right? Each and every one of you has a story all your own that hasn't seen the light yet, but one day they will! 

With this tier, you'll get access to:

  • everything from the Stranger tier
  • characters sheets that have yet to appear in Blissful Madness and world-building elements that make up the world
  • character and monster sheets featured in the Blissful Madness RPG
Minor Character
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Look at you! Getting screen time and helping move the plot along. Heck you even have a couple fans of your own, which makes you one step closer to becoming the Main character!

With this tier, you get access to:

  • everything from the Stranger tier and Background Character tier
  • thumbnails and WIPS to both Mini Comics and Side Stories 
  • vote on which Side Story I work on next
  • free copy of any game made on the Patreon



About KrispyKremeBits

"Who are you and what do you do?"

Hello, hello! I'm Christina Crichlow (also known as "KrispyKremeBits"). I'm an Illustrator and Comic Artist who likes storytelling and world-building with cute characters.

Currently, I'm working on a webcomic with
Nicole Blanchard (psst she's my Editor/Letterer) called "Blissful Madness," which is about aliens exploring, making friends, and killing God.

You can find Blissful Madness on
 Tapastic and Webtoons.

*Not everything will be Patreon exclusive, it will be specified when this occurs*

"Are there any other projects that will be shown on here?"

I'm also absolutely in love with RPG's, so I'll occasionally work on one every now and again while creating the comic.

Currently, I'm working on a small game featuring characters from Blissful Madness going on a mini-adventure. It will feature places and people that won't ever be in the main storyline; so if you're here for worldbuilding and fun character interactions, then I'll think you'll love it.

"If I pledge, what do I get?"

  • character showcase for characters that have appeared in Blissful Madness
  • early access to characters that will appear later in Blissful Madness
  • behind the scenes look at world-building elements for Blissful Madness, such as food, clothing, dungeons, species, myths, holidays and more
  • thumbnails, WIPS, and the ability to see pages early before they go public
  • mini-comics for Blissful Madness
  • side stories that take place either before or during the main story in Blissful Madness
  • concept art of locations, enemies, items, and characters for any games in development
  • a free copy of any game made on the Patreon will be free (to one specific tier)

"That's cool! ... But what does any of this mean?"

  •  A Character Showcase is a post dedicated to talking about a specific character, their likes, dislikes, background, favorite food, etc. Characters that have already appeared in the comic will be public, but characters that haven't appeared will be Patreon exclusive until their reveal.
  • Mini-comics and Side Stories are two different things. Mini-comics are funny shorts while Side Stories are tales that take place either before or during from the main comic, showing off how characters got where they are or what they're doing while K and co aren't looking.
  • Behind the scenes, world-building that shows off aspects of the world that might not get focused on during the comic

Wanna support the comic and any other random projects I have going on but have a fear of commitment? Then let me introduce my
 Ko-fi!! It's like Patreon but no strings attached!!
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I'll be able to pay Nicole instead of having her work out of the goodness of her heart! With this Blissful Madness will be updated every week instead of every other week. That's twice the amount of updates!!

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