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Get exclusive discounts on all reoccurring services like site updates, media flyers,banners and more. Be the first to be notified when a sale is going on for a pre-made site,e-course or e-book.
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This is for bloggers and business owners ready to work full-time for yourself. I will be sharing exclusive videos,blog post and e-books full of need to know information on how to work full-time for your self doing what you love.All information shared will be all for experience as well as from people I've worked with personally. I've also patienter up with a professional social media strategist to give up exclusive tip on using Instagram to grow a strong customer and client list. I will be posting content every Monday and Thursday.

You will also get exclusive deals on all services and pre-made sites on my site! 

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Do you work with client? Want to create a lasting customer relationship?  Ready to give them a WOW experience?  

I've been working with clients for two years now with running my own businesses. I'll be sharing with you how to give your clients and customers a true WOW experience. This is need to know information for business owners looking to work full- time for yourself.

You will receive exclusive weekly videos,workbooks,post five times a week, and exclusive deals on all of my services. Most important you will be able to join Wow Your Client e-course for only $150 dollars. The course is $350 which is a super deal!




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About Kristina Macari

 I'm Kristina Macari!

Owner of Kristina Macari Design Studio I create custom content for bloggers and business owners. I love creating custom websites, logo, banners, media flyers and more to help bloggers and business owners start, run and grow!

Join and get weekly exclusive tips and tricks I've used to grow my business and work full-time for myself.Take your blog or business to the next level when you join!
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