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About Kristy Valie

Hello traveller!

Welcome to my digital atelier! I'm Kristy, a self-taught artist and Creative Communication student from the Netherlands and I paint colourful and detailed fantasy-themed illustrations. This is the place where you'll find all my artwork and a bunch of tip-top special extras.

My biggest dream is to combine stategic creative marketing with fantasy artwork. Here you can join my exclusive little art community, see the evolution of my work and become part of my exciting journey! In return for your help, you will also be greatly rewarded, of course!


  • Early access to every illustration and blog post
  • Opportunity to vote in polls and have input in my art process
  • Alternate versions, WIPs and sketches
  • Step-by-step description and process images of every new finished artwork
  • A new art tutorial every month
  • Occasional time-lapse videos
  • A 10% discount on commissions

You unlock these special rewards by choosing one of the monthly pledges. You can pledge as little or as much as you like. If you change your mind, you can edit or cancel your pledge anytime. No pressure!

Your pledge will not only help me financially, but it will give me the opportunity to continue creating new artwork, explore the possibilities of new content, help others with their creative journey, invest in artbooks and cover computer or tablet upgrades and illustration software expenses, but most importantly it makes me feel super inspired and motivated to improve and become a better creator every day.


Feel free to send me an email or a direct message on Twitter if you have any questions regarding my Patreon. Here you will find more information about commissions.

Thank you for stopping by! You are amazing and I'm incredibly grateful for your kindness and generosity. If you're unable to pledge, sharing my artwork with your friends is also a great alternative way to show your support. ♥
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Letter of Gratitude
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You receive a Letter of Gratitude, which includes: 

  • Early access to every new illustration and blog post.
  • An invitation to vote in polls. Get involved in my next projects! 

💌 “Thank you very much for your support, my friend. Come again any time!”

Potion of Artistic Inspiration
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The flask contains a glowing aquamarine liquid. It tastes like mint and blueberries. Upon drinking, you gain:

  • Exclusive alternate versions, WIPs and sketches
  • A detailed step-by-step description and process images of every new finished artwork.
  • Occasional time-lapse videos of the art process.
  • A new art tutorial every month.
  • 10% discount on commissions. 

You also receive a Letter of Gratitude, which includes:

  • Early access to every new illustration and blog post.  
  • An invitation to vote in polls. Get involved in my next projects! 

💌 "A special gift as a token of my appreciation. Thank you very much for all your help, dear friend. I’m forever grateful for your support.” 

$10 of $50 per month
As a thank you I will send a postcard with original artwork to every patron that helped achieve this goal!
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