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About KrypticNexus

Hello My Name is Anthony and i make youtube videos. Please check out my channel to see if you like my content. I make 3 videos a week minimum. Monday is my Hour Long Let's Play videos. Wednesday is my Product Review day where I review/overview the product then Tear it down. I want my videos to allow the consumer to see what is inside the stuff they are buying. I'm no electrician but I do like to look inside and see what makes it tick. Friday is either a Let's Play, Product Review or what i call Far Out Friday which is where i look at old computer tech, games, pretty much if its old and tech it falls under Far Out Friday (FOF). I loved the thought of having a TBT or WBW but i didnt want to use what is already out there so I came up with FOF.

If you Donate to me you will be helping me produce my content and enabling me to buy special items at a higher cost than what i can afford now. So i can produce video on older computers or games or what have you. 
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