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About Krysti Subieta

Hi lovelies!

Thank you so much for supporting this project!  Supporters like you keep the music alive and this project turning, bringing Raw, Real, Uplifting music to people around the globe.  You are becoming a part of a growing community who believes in the healing power of music. We spread hope to the internet by releasing an uplifting song every week on popular music sharing platforms including Youtube, Facebook, Reddit, and Soundcloud.  Creating music together has never been faster thanks to advances in music technology and the internet.  On the other hand, online bullying and mental illnesses have been reaching an all time high.  As of 2014,  suicide is the #3 killer of people ages 10 - 35.

How does music heal, you might ask?  I am no doctor, but I have been kind of a psychology nut for as long as I can remember.  As both an artist, an engineer, and a teacher, I can say in all ways music has saved my life.  It has given me a powerful way to talk about difficult emotions.  It has also given me a way to connect with people so that they may be more open about their emotions.  I think we can all agree -- music has lifted our spirits out of misery into wonderful experiences, laughter and dance!

I want to continue to work on a team to bring healing through music.  By creating songs every week, we are inspiring the people around us to do what they love everyday.  To let go of the perfectionism when it comes to art and appreciate ourselves for exactly who we are, warts and all.  This project is about taking a music snapshot of a point in time and having the courage to share it shamelessly to the world, because truly, you love it.  When you love it, so will others.

Create Art.  Love the Art. Do This Everyday.  

Thank you for becoming a part of the team!  We adore you!!!!!

Meet the Production Team
AngelGrams is a team effort. We are producing quality, radio-ready music that you can be proud of sharing.  I start writing lyrics on Thursday, and either creating an instrumental or reaching out to other producers in the community as collaboration partners for the instrumental.  The song then undergoes two studio sessions, one pre-production/songwriting session and one production session.  The song is then mastered, a video is created, and it is released every Wednesday.   Thank you for becoming a part of the AngelGram Team!  

Krysti Subieta - Singer/Songwriter/Assistant Producer/Recording Engineer/Person talking to you right now.  So...I guess I am also the project manager and marketer?  SO many hats...
When I found myself in a church band soon after moving to Austin, I discovered I love singing for families, children, and people with mental disabilities.  My passion for music and healing lead me to run an ipod fundraiser with Music and Memory to give patients suffering from Dementia and Alzheimer's the opportunity to listen to familiar music so that their memories would be returned to them.   I love taking long walks on the greenbelt,  channeling into spiritual energy when writing, and collaborating with other artists.

James Gibson - Producer/Guitarist/Engineer/Super powerful communicator and songwriter 
James Gibson was part of a song-a-day project in 2015 as part of a band The Brothers Vinyl.  During this experience,  James mixed hundreds of songs and became aware of his passion for collaboration.  James continues to be a skilled Sound Engineer providing a beautiful studio space where he writes, records, and mixes, over a cup of tea.

Part-time team members
Blake Freda - EDM Producer, 'nuff said
Zakk Myer - Electronic Producer
Rand Ramos - Mastering Engineer
$9 of $100 per Song or Video
The ball has started rolling!  To celebrate, I would like to create a special video to personally thank all the patrons for their generous support!  I'll be accepting suggestions for cover songs, and perhaps make a medley of the popular requests :)
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