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About Ktown Kris

Why Patreon?

Well to be honest and maybe a little corny the time is now...

I've worked for quite a few years building my brand and establishing myself as Ktown Kris in the music and entertainment scene in and around the Jacksonville, FL area. Indie artists here have shown me love from day one and in return I have made it my mission to shine a light on independent artists of all types and the importance the arts have on our lives. 

After working full-time for many years as I built my brand I recently went to part-time work (thanks to my King) and threw myself into all the projects that I want to work on as Ktown, as well as various projects that hubby and I have planned together. I also host events, provide voice-overs, occasionally act & model and blog about it all! I do have bills, kids and need to eat though, so this is the PERFECT way to bring you the content you love while I get to do what I love everyday!

Current & Upcoming Projects (More info on these later):
The Apiary- Our MAJOR goal, the business we want to run. One place to have everything needed to be creative or simply appreciate the arts all around you.
The Hive Tour- A tour around the US we are planning to highlight the importance of supporting AND mentoring in all of the indie arts. We would love to make this happen in 2019.
The Art Tab Series- Coming SOON!
My Team Mentors (Mentoring Youth Through Education, Arts & Music)- A Non-Profit offering many programs

By becoming a patron you allow me the time to work on these various projects, help out local communities & connect people all over to create art and inspiration.

Help me connect mentors with kids needing to find that passion, connect a guitarist on the west coast with a vocalist on the east coast, start block parties in your neighborhood, help parents to understand the importance of nurturing creative talents and helping their children find avenues to express themselves with music, dance, poetry and more.. just help me spread the joy that is art.

You'll notice a running theme between bee's, honey, art and music being tied together on my page, business and project names, etc. I believe artists are much like the endangered honey bee; they need to travel and connect to the space all around them and beyond to create, but that is limited, much like the honeybees path is limited now. We all have to do our part to help both our bees and our artists create the sweet masterpieces they make!
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Hitting this level will really enable me to stop stressing the real world bills and focus on everything happening in Ktown. I can work harder on my non-profit, bringing you all awesome content, and creating opportunities for artists & entrepreneurs.
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