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About Kurt Hvorup

I'm Kurt Hvorup, and I write things that go on the Internet.  Specifically, I've dabbled in journalismgame criticism and freelance script writing for Internet video producers.

Pretty cool stuff if I do say so myself, but I've yearned to develop my skills and range as a critic of games and of popular culture as a whole.  A long desire of mine has been to look back at older (so-called "retro") games and analyze them from the perspective of a modern gamer.  I'm also getting back into reviewing "new" releases (read: games that came out in the current year).

SO! This Patreon exists to help me cover my personal costs (food, rent, etc.) while I establish my own brand and develop my articles, reviews, essays and miscellaneous projects.  This includes both independent ventures and contract work, for the record.

Please consider contributing, share this with your friends and family if you are so inclined, and thank you.

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Covers rent, food, and other important things of that nature. Allows me to focus more readily on my reviews + my own brand, and less on contracts or freelance work (which means more stuff by me for YOUR enjoyment).
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