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About Kuto

Hi ! I'm 22, french, and currently an animation student, trying to make things that people would enjoy looking at ! 

This patreon has mainly been created for my MLP webcomic, http://rustytales.tumblr.com , though I hope to start posting other kinds of work on here eventually. Comics, animation, illustration, whatever will come up next.
It serves mostly as a tip jar for now. If you enjoy my work, have a few dollars to spare, and feel like throwing them at me, this is the place for you ! 
Select a membership level
Look at what I made !
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Access to everything I post here ! WIPs, research, early access to finished products !
Thank you drawing
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What it says : get a thank you drawing ! You can either request something specifically (like a character) or just keep the surprise~
Monthly request
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You get to request a pencil doodle every month !
Monthly request, with colors !
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Same as above, but I'll add a bit of watercolor to make it nicer ! 

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