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Want to spend some money that you don't know what to do with? you can spend $2 on me and help me reach my goals.
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You get put into the credits with a HUGE thank you and you have special features described in my intro!
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You get the first class treatment. You will be featured in (almost) every drawing and (almost) every short story I make! I will create one very special piece of work ( either writing or a drawing) for the $10 patrons to only be able to see only once a month. ( If you don't see it come out after a month, I'm most likely still working on it.)




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I'm a (kinda) novice artist and a novice writer, but I still look forward to making new content! I am mostly doing stories till after Christmas; then I'll start throwing in some drawings, i have to save up for one of those drawing pads ( I'm terrible at drawing with a mouse) . If you happen to pledge to me, you have a chance to: appear in my next short story, appear in a new drawing of an animal named after you,  suggest names to me for a story or animal drawing, and best of all, even be able to suggest what story i should make!  I also mostly do stories based about animals in the wild and drawing will apply to mostly consisting of animals.
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This is so I can be pushed forward to create new things.
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