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About Kyle Benjamin Turner

This Patreon is no longer active but if you'd like to become a patreon feel free :)

A couple years ago I started taking photos of streets and building that caught my attention. It was only 4 years later that I realised how much that would have an impact on my career.

My name is Kyle Benjamin Turner and I'm a Montreal photographer. This is my patreon page where I release content for my patreons who want to support me.

I've realised as a photographer there are a lot of things people don't see. I thought as a gift I could give some of my experience away.

On this Patreon page I will be sharing exclusive behind the scenes photography content. This includes POV GoPro footage from my photoshoots, before and after photos, and Lightroom presets.

I know it's hard for some to pledge more money to another monthly service so I've decided to make this patreon accesible to everyone. For a limited time this Patreon content will be available for only $1!

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