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These amounts are just suggestions - when you click Become a Patron you can change the figure in the text box to whatever you think my work is worth. At this level, you get to be a part of my community here and I'll know that you want me to KEEP GOING. I'll be looking to this group to decide what type of content you most want me to create. Welcome and thanks for being a part of the journey!
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At this level I'll credit your name in my videos to thank you. You're keeping my spirit high and my imagination soaring! When it's 3am and I'm up editing, writing, translating and pitching, knowing you believe in me will give me confidence that my work can continue! 
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You're so generous. If it's okay by you, I'd love to shoot a special photo for Instagram and post a little story thanking you and sharing your kind gesture with others.




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I've become so close to you guys with all the intimate and emotional subjects covered in my films, that now when you leave comments on my videos, I really feel like you're family. I've been working on this dream for nine years and often I've felt like giving up. But then I see you've subscribed to my work or left me a super personal comment saying you also believe in beauty and kindness and creativity, and it's these little messages in a (digital) bottle that have pushed me to keep going year after year. I've produced, hosted, filmed and edited travel shows that air in 70 countries, becoming one of the only people in the world to make TV shows solo without a film crew or production company. I've studied Spanish, Italian and Japanese. I've interviewed thousands of people around the world on topics of empathy, love, motivation and happiness. I can feel that a community of likeminded dreamers is forming over on my YouTube channel and with your support I could continue to bring you weekly episodes on subjects you and I both love. TV networks just want travel cliches with no soul. Brands just want to promote their product. But with a little help, I can keep producing short films, epic travel adventures, interviews, poetry and my Touch the Sky series where I share what's kept my stamina, creativity and self-belief going for a decade of living (and chasing) my dreams.
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After purchasing music and external hard drives, at this level of funding the next priority would be my broken cameras. Both my GH4s, which are my go-to cameras, are currently faulty - whenever I press record there's a five second delay and the same for when I stop recording. This doesn't sound like much but it is so frustrating when trying to grab quick spontaneous moments or when I'm part way through an interview and the recording stops, I lose part of the scene because there's the delay when I press record again. Last time I got these cameras repaired it cost over a thousand dollars so it would be incredible to film with a whole new camera body in the GH5.
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