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About Kym Scally

Welcome to my Patreon page.
My name is Kym and I am the creator of Ghoul. She is a curious little oddity and she loves nothing more than exploring and adventuring through far off lands and times. Ghoul’s also an aspiring cosplayer and LOVES to recreate her favourite characters, even if her cosplaying skills leave a little to be desired. Join us as we send her on her most incredible journey.
Ghoul was created as a tool for #inktober2017 and my plan was simply to use one character throughout the month, making the process much easier on myself. The response to Ghoul on social media was fantastic and I was immediately asked if people would see more from Ghoul beyond October. Eventually, I couldn’t refuse. We’ve become good buddies, Ghoul and I. And I think that I could send her on some awesome adventures with the help of you guys!
I’d also like to take this opportunity to say a GIGANTIC thank you to anyone kind enough to support this project here on patreon and on social media. Without it, Ghoul may have remained an idea and missed out on all of the possibilities we’re about to make for her.
Welcome to our journey, please enjoy the trip!
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Ghoul would like to send all of her Patreons an Xmas card. I'd like to create a very special seasonal print to send to each of my generous patreons with special message. 
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