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  • As a boss Patron, be part of the team and stay updated with every project and montage I have in the works! Talk to me on this page if I don't catch you in the Youtube comments! I'll get back to you 100%.
  • Fun fact: 1$ is worth anywhere between 600 and 1000 Youtube views!
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  • Have a chance to play with me once a week! Come by the stream, let me know it's YOU and we can queue some BGs, or maybe even some Heroes of the Storm games!
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  • All prior bonuses!
  • Get early access to videos in-the-making (see the raw footage for big montages and releases!) You guys will also see any 'Unlisted' videos before anyone else, so be my judge! 




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About Kyroll

Creating gaming videos is my absolute passion!

Seeing the hype when I release a montage, feeling the pride when I release a gameplay - it's the most incredible thing for me to know that I'm impacting so many people in such a positive way, while also playing the games that I love. Being able to dedicate more time towards the Youtube channels would just blow my mind, and so I'm insanely grateful for every single one of you guys who chooses to make a pledge and come on this journey with me!
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Professional outros and a quality tune-up on all videos is something | REALLY want to do! The Q&A (or similar videos) could definitely be made a ton more exciting with an editing-overhaul.I'd also be able to save for PC upgrades to ramp up the video quality to true-1080p!
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