Phillip "Kyubashi" Mitchell

is creating DotA 2 Gameplay and Coaching

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Pledges of any kind will have their names displayed on the "intermission" section of the stream at "", although without their actual donation amount displayed. I want to thank those willing to support me equally, and knowing you're willing to support regardless of number means a ton.




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My name is Phillip Mitchell, also known under the DotA 2 alias as "Kyubashi". If you've reached this Patreon page, chances are that you're already familiar with what I do, and for how long.

For those that do not know, I'm a DotA 2 Player, enthusiast, article/guidemaker ( and part-time coach of the abovementioned game, as well as an hour-wise full-time streamer on

I use a lot of my daily hours every day of the week to bring out as much content as I can on my account, and have conditioned myself to writing an article or guide concerning DotA 2 at least once every week.

With that said, I am by no means partnered with Twitch nor YouTube in any shape, so this creative and time investing process can be quite hard on an individual such as myself that don't earn a steady income from anywhere else.

For this very reason, and should you find what I do/the content I create worth supporting in any shape of form, this is the official page where you can show your monetary support by donating a specific amount every month, going as low as 1 dollar.

This is essentially a "Donate nothing, as little or as much" case, allowing anyone willing to help me along with what I do, so I hopefully can keep doing it for you guys.

Patreon's, regardless of their monthly donations, will have their name's displayed in the "intermission" section of the stream on , albeit without their actual donation amount displayed. I want to show love and recognition to everyone in equal measure that are willing to help me out here.

Thank's for taking an interest, and hopefully I'm able to entertain and occupy you enough for you to consider becoming a Patreon.

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