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About L.A. BEAST

Thank you for visiting my Patreon Account. I am a YouTube Entertainer and Competitive Eater who attempts to do all the crazy and seemingly impossible things that an average human being would not do. I am extremely thankful and grateful to those who can donate towards my goals and who will help to keep my YouTube videos coming.
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Since moving back to New Jersey from LA in October 2016, I've come to figure out that you don't really realize how much you love something until it's gone. My main goal as of this moment in time is to make my way back out to Los Angeles and continue to create YouTube videos but at the same time utilize my sales experience within the food and beverage industry to open a door within the medical cannabis field. My goals may seem ridiculous but everything I do, I do for a reason and for the most part...is pretty ridiculous. I will always keep the good people who have supported me throughout this long and crazy journey of mine close to my heart and will continue to create to the best of my ability and produce the best quality content I can. I appreciate those who can help, and those who can support me just by watching my videos or giving me daily support on Social Media, that is perfect as well. I'm just getting started....Stay Tuned. I appreciate everyone's patience.
Have A Good Day,
L.A. Beast
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