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About LA-ndy

Where To Find Me / 我的主页

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- About Me - 

  Hi there! I'm LA-ndy, you can also call me Landy. I'm a self-educated hobbyist artist who live in China. 
  Most of the time, I draw fanarts of MLP:FIM, but I love other interesting IPs too and also doing some personal arts.
  Thanks for stepping by and visiting my page.:)

- My Goals -
  Beside trying various technique of painting, I also want to develop my own art project, no matter it was for fandom or myself. With your support, while I have to deal with majorly my study assignment, I can do better on my way heading toward my goals.

- About Rewards -
  Things are changing with time goes by. But currently, becoming my patrons, what you will get are as follow:
  1. Special WIP updates.
  2. Exclusive contents. (Include comic pages, special arts, etc )
  3. Monthly sketch pack.
  4. Speed paint videos. (Not Too Often)
  5. Sketch Request Reward
  6. ...

27% complete
More contents of sketches packs will be added. It's a great recognition toward my works. Also I can do some tutorials if you want me to. :D

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