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Welcome Familia.
Thank You for stopping by.
My name is Beth,
nice to meet you! 🌈
I am an abstract artist, obsessed with the divine, trees, animals, elephants, and crystals. 
I am pursuing the dream of becoming an artist, crystal practitioner and healer, crystal seller and overall combining all three. It would be incredible to have you join me on the magical journey of exploring different and new areas of creativity and healing. I have a cute little pooch called Danny Boy, I love insence, singing and being a little goofy at times. 

Why am I on Patreon?
Patreon is a great way to build a little community, to express our creativity to each other and to also connect and become close during the journey. It would be such a dream to have a supportive community where we can learn together and help each other grow. I want to be able to share what I learn, create and give some great offers out that will give a little piece of healing, happiness and love out to my friends.

What is Patreon?
Patreon is a membership platform which allows creators to form a community and bonds with our subscribers. You can choose a reward and edit your subscription at any time, you will get charged monthly and be able to view content of your chosen tier and below.

What you can explore with me?

💓Lilac Tier - $1+ - Weekly Updates.
💜 Purple Tier - $5+ - SketchBook.
💙 Blue Tier - $10+ - Artwork.
💚 Green Tier - $15+ - Crystal Studies.
💛 Yellow Tier - $20+ - In depth studies and art. 
🧡 Orange Tier - $35+ - Personal and involvement. 
❤️️ Red Tier - $50+ - Featured in and gift worth $100.

See Tier Rewards for more Info.
A little goes a long way.

What is Chakra Week?
Chakra week is where each week we will be going along the chakras in order, this means this specifics tier week will get a sale percentage off of a specific type of crystal.

What will my donations be going towards?
  • Crystal and healing courses to become an experienced shamanic healer. 
  • Art Supplies for artwork
  • Technology for online work
  • Crystals to use within work. 
  • So I can give my fluffy boy a doggie treat. 

What exciting future times will we get to see coming up?
  • Energy Healing Course - May 2019 - My next course will be an energy healing course where I will be learning double healings to combine my crystal healings with reiki, as well as learning other shamanic ways of learning working with energy. 
  • Ageless Wisdom Course - A shamanic inner journey course. - Studying Now. (£20+ for access)
  • Crystal Course✏️ - Thank you so much for supporting my diploma in crystal therapy, the next stage is Crystal Healing Level 1, which I will be aiming to do in 2019. 
  •  Art Studio 🎨  - Unfortunately my shed is too damp to now paint in so all large pieces of artwork is on hold until I move out, however, this plan is still there to have my own little work space. For now I will carry on making small pieces I can share. 
  • Crystals and Art Prints 🎇 - All donations go towards supplies. 
  • Crystal Healer 🌈- I am now a crystal therapist! My case studies are going great I have helped people and I am now aiming to be fully qualified by December. 
  • Carob Chocolates - I am combining my sugar free, vegan, anti candida, dairy free, with my crystals. 

🌜Thank you! 🌛

It means so much to me the little family of friends I have here, I hope we can journey together on this long windy path to a brighter and lighter future of healing. 

I am just a girl with a dream,
although girls with dreams become women with visions. 

From the Heart,
Love and Light,
Twitter: lbethsart
Instagram: lbethsart


"Love her style and her energy. Really recommend anyone to get a print and if your sensitive to energy then you will surely feel there loving subtle energies radiate through you like I have felt."

"Love this and love the potential here for gorgeous artwork."

"Gorgeous packaging and beautiful crystals - very patient whilst I let my intuition guide me! Thank you."

"I ordered two of the 'Little Boxes of Love' which arrived today. Fantastic idea; would highly recommend. Good quality crystals, beautifully presented in little 'love' boxes. Arrived on time and very well packaged. Would make gorgeous gifts for family and friends."

$10 of $200 per month
Crystal Foundation Course

Since January I have dreamt of being able to learn more about crystals, connect with them, work with them, and have them in my art. If we reach this goal I will be able to go on the course in June-July. 

Thank you so much for all of your support, it has meant a lot to me, you beautiful souls!

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 169 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 169 exclusive posts

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