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Hello!  We're LB!  We make mental health comics, draw pretty pictures, and write stories about reality melting.  We've been doing this for work since we became homeless in 2012.  We're not homeless anymore, but when we were, it was fans like you who kept us alive!

We believe that our work should be accessible to those who need it most.  We have posted many of our comics online for free, and free they will remain.  Many of our stories, as they get funded, will be posted for the enjoyment of everyone.  However, Patreon supporters will get bonus material: ebooks, meta, world-building, comics in progress before they're printed, art, and more.  We believe in rewarding your generosity, since that's what keeps us floating!  People who are only comfortable with giving money once are welcome to do so at our shop page; Patreon is for the regulars and completionists who want everything we have to offer in one place!

We take direct suggestions from our readers to guide our material--we want to make what YOU want to see!  Be loud, be present, be generous, and you will not be sorry!

We’re multiple--Dissociative Identity Disorder, multiple personalities, however you think of it.  There aren't that many of us doing the work we do, and we are glad to have the privilege to do so.  Thanks much for your support!

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One extra post of writing a month just for you guys--meta, a short story, or a drabble.  Your votes also count double in all story polls.  Oh, and our heartfelt thanks.
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Extra post of writing per month, double-votes in story polls, plus at least four high-res illustrations, art, and sketches per month.
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Extra post of writing, double-votes in story polls, four pieces of art, plus four sneak-peeks of comics projects per month. (Pages, sketches, thumbnails/layouts, scripts... all stages of the process.) You also get a download of all ebooks of our comics and zines, including new ones as we make them. (Note: this may not apply for comics that are collaborations or have other copyright claims.)
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With this amount, we can afford to start working on making print books of our prose, with covers and illustrations made and designed by us.  More stuff for you, more stuff for us!  What could be better?
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