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About Leave it in the RinG network

“Leave it in the RinG” radio has been established since 2008 and we have climbed our way to be mentioned as one of the best podcast boxing radio shows on the air waves! LIITR gives hardcore boxing fans around the globe a behind-the-scenes look at the hurt business through in-depth interviews and commentary. Plus, listeners can interact with the show by calling in live with questions about the fight game. 

Leave it in the RinG network is independent website. That gives us the freedom to give you the intelligent content you want. We don't do clickbait-style articles to lure in listeners. But that also means we have to pay our own bills. In-depth coverage requires financial support. By pledging to support LIITR network, you'll help us maintain our independence while continuing our tradition of providing honest, hard-hitting content to you. 

The Leave it in the RinG Podcast Line-up

                             The Next Round

Mondays at 4 pm, join boxing scribe Steve Kim and reporter Gabriel Montoya as they discuss the week's top boxing stories, take caller's questions and break down up-coming fights.

                            Leave it in the RinG

Wednesday night at 6:30 pm PST LIITR host and founder Dave Duenez and co-host, So-Cal/Mexican border boxing scribe Felipe Leon, talk all the latest boxing news on Leave it in the RinG. Dave and Felipe give a fresh and unfiltered take on the world of boxing with fan interactive debates, breaking news, and in-depth no-holds-barred interviews with the top names in the sport.

                             The 2-Min Round

A bi-weekly podcast focused on all the news, notes, results, upcoming fights and everything in between in the wide world of female professional boxing. Join co-hosts Felipe Leon, veteran boxing writer David Avila and former fighter Elena "Baby Doll" Reid for this bi-weekly podcast focused on all the news, notes, results, upcoming fights and everything in between in the wide world of female professional boxing.

                            The Undiscovered Country

Former boxing writer and co-host of Leave It In the Ring Gabriel Montoya explores "The Undiscovered Country" of the United States of America; delving into the social, economic, and educational gaps between its citizens. Topics of discussion will range from weekly world news, the drug war, mass incarceration, psychedelic therapy, the movement to legalize cannabis and more.

$12 of $1,200 per month
This is first goal and though the number may not help us get everything we would like to set out and do , we thought $1,200.00 was a good start .This would help us pay our existing staff - our on air talent ! Help us keep producing our shows like The Next Round , Leave it in the RinG , The 2-Minute Round , and the Undiscovered Country .

But also help us hire other journalist to contribute or sign on full time to the site . Plus help us develop new project ideas that are in the works.
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