Luis Garcia

is creating Blog posts, creative writing, poetry, short stories
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About Luis Garcia

Greetings, my name is Luis Garcia and I'm from the republic of Honduras. I have decided to create this hub to see if you can support my work. Right now I'm unemployed, and I have nearly 6 months with no sources of money. I always wanted to have a blog and write, I do like to read and listen to music.

I'm the owner of the blog, I want to create original content, I will be focusing on create blog posts about our history, I will be reading a lot of papers and I promise to cite sources everytime I publish.

I do only write in Spanish, and that's because I do not excel on English, maybe someday I will be good enought to translate my blog posts and offer a English version. My main themes are about indigenous peoples of Honduras, their history and also, about Honduran arts, musica and our folklore.

Maybe I'm not clear right now, but I hope to learn everyday about Patreon and be a excellent blogger.

Forgive my bad English, and don't forget to point my errors, that will be kindly appreciated.
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I will start a facebook live video to say how much I appreciate your support, I will talk my life and in general about my country.
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