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Welcome to the Patreon page for Laughing Man Productions²!  We are a gaming and entertainment media network dedicated not only to bringing you video content related to gaming but also creating games and running a bevy of private MMO servers.

We will eventually have subscriber bonuses and other things available exclusively for our Patrons.  Watch this space for updates.

In the meantime here are some of our current projects:

YouTube Projects (non-Live):
Walkthrough/Let's Play Series
Game Review Series
Magic: The Gathering Unboxing Series (coming soon)

YouTube/Twitch (Livestreams):
We Livestream nearly every Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday.  Sometimes there are streams on other days as well.  Live streams normally are of first impression or gameplay but also include trailer breakdowns for certain games, game development streams, and more.

The Legend of Emilar - LOE is an RPG Maker game that has been in development since 2006.  It started on RPG Maker XP and has continue up to today where it has been ported to RPG Maker MV.  It will be a 30 to 50 hour game with a main cast of party members as well as a secondary cast of optional members (think Chrono Cross system).  Along with branching story trees and events that take place due to your actions, decisions, and dialog choices jump into the compelling world of Elisnar and embark on a quest that will decide the fate of all life on it.

You are Felto, a young man who has been training for years for his chance to make the cut to join the Knight Guard, an elite division of the Guard Force which serves as the empire of Felgarin's military and police force.  Just after your training under the master guidance of Darin Herschal and your conscription formalized an odd request sets you off on a path that will take you through trials you could only imagine in your darkest, fevered nightmares and see wonders beyond anything anyone has seen for ten thousand years.

Will you face these trials with honor and usher the world down a path of light or will you fall into darkness and so cast the world on to a path of destruction?  The fate of nations and possibly the world hang in the balance.

Demo currently under development.

Odyssian Void - OV is another game that has been undergoing development for many years.  It was conceived in 2007 as a Game Jam styled game for a competition at an online instructional website for programming called GameInstitute.  It won the Student Game Challenge #8 and after feedback I decided to continue developing it.  It has undergone many changes, originally planned as a text-based 4X game, it has morphed into a 3D game being created on Unreal Engine 4.

This is an ambitious project aiming to bring a massive, ever expanding universe to live and merged with a compelling story and a multitude of gameplay genres.  Currently development is being done in a phased approach with each gameplay genre system being developed separately.  The main bulk of the game can be played Eve-Online style but will also support in-cockpit views similar to Elite Dangerous.  There will also be RTS-styled battles which you will be able to drop in to and control individual ships from the front line.  There will be a Gratuitous Space Battles styled Fleet Battle System as well as a planetary development system similar to either Star Ruler or Star Drive but more in-depth and with an era progression system.  There will also be a planetary bombing system as well as an invasion system which will lead to FPS-styled missions to conquer planets.

The universe of Odyssian Void is one rich in lore and history.  The main campaign story will have several drastically different endings depending on your actions throughout the game.  The general plan is for a 100 hour campaign from start to finish with many branching plots and related sub-plots and narratives that can be discovered through your choices.  To give an example, opening an uncharted area of the galaxy either as part of a choice during a story mission or while exploring on your own which exposes the known galaxy to an untapped mother-lode of resources sparking an arms race between races.

The game will be designed as such that the universe will continuously expand over an increasing length of time to keep things fresh and to offer the player new areas to explore.  The game will also feature a powerful modding system which will allow for deep-level access to many of the games systems and settings.  In time an entirely different game could be built onto of OV using this modding system as it matures.

The year is 6204, after a devastating seven year war with an alien race known as the Sluikan, Humanity is pushed to the brink of extinction in the final days of the war when a previously unknown and now obviously hostile race arrives at Earth and obliterates it.  All across the Earth Alliance sleeper cells are activated and countless worlds fall to this threat.  Those that manage to survive do so out of sheer luck or through tremendous sacrifice.  In the space of two days the Earth Alliance goes from one of the largest empires in the Galactic Alliance, spanning over 45,000 planets, to one encompassing slightly over 9,000.  Over 250 Trillion lives are lost and the Earth Alliance is shattered into disparate factions.

It is within this chaos that you, a ship mechanic from the backwater world of Al'Cot, are conscripted into the Earth Alliance Outer-Space Military (EAOSM).  You are put through an intensive training regimen, taught the basics of combat ship operation, planetary colonization, warfare, and diplomacy and are given a frigate with three directives:

1. Help to reunify the Alliance and take back the worlds lost to the attack
2. Help maintain the territory that still remains under Alliance control and ensure that it stays that way.
3. Hunt down those that have attacked the Alliance and mete out justice to them as you see fit.

It is up to you to decide to follow these directives or to strike out on your own in the new post-Terran galaxy.  Do you follow the Alliance fleet on their mission or do you aim for a different path?  There are many opportunities for profit and power; join or start a piracy guild, start up your own corporation and manage a trade empire, become a humble rock hopper and mine your way to riches, help clean the galaxy of scum as a bounty hunter, join the galactic military police force, the Talirath, found your own empire and do with it what you will, seek out a life in politics within the Galactic Empire and shape interstellar politics and law, or slake your wanderlust and explore the stars to discover dangers, wonders, and riches untold.

Your destiny is your own.

More information, text-based version demos, lore, and development videos available at
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