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About LP Peters


I don't want to start out with a negative here (though, my negatives are used to bring a positive, don't worry) but with my coming on board with Patreon, I vowed to myself to be myself, upfront, honest, and a damn fine, Spiritual Gangster!

It's starting to annoy me how much spiritual growth, becoming "authentic," and trying to show people the way, is becoming so monetised and is going to be a part of big business soon enough (though many would say, it already is). Where it's not really going to mean much, people are going to start taking it for granted, it'll lose its value, and that scares me.

Yes, it's where I want to go with my life, in showing people how to live their truest life, and while I want to be able to eat, live, and build my dream to help others (which, I'll explain in a minute) I don't want it to become such a big business that I sell out, do the things that currently make me shake my head.

I understand this is a technological world and social media is the biggest driving force with all the different platforms out there, but my goal is to help as many people as I can, through word of mouth and people sharing what I'm doing because they believe in it, they believe in me.

I want to be able to do things on my terms and in turn, help others and also, help others to do the same as I. I'm multi-talented, forever fascinated and sometimes over stimulated, I spend most of my time reading, studying, learning, writing, training, helping others, meditating, volunteering, making music, memes, all different types of expression and content! Through becoming a patron of mine, you will help me to continue to do that, along with getting some invaluable insights and some straight down the line advice and information.

As Tom Cruise aka Jerry Maguire once asked, “HELP ME, HELP YOU!”
Haha! :)


What Will I Be Doing?

Everything I already am, but hopefully with less stress and drama from influences of the outside world. I was a professional DJ for 12 years, Radio Host for 8 years, MC for 6 years and have spent the last 4 years as a Personal Trainer/Coach/Mentor in Fitness, Life Advice and Philosophy, and also 33 years as a student of life.

I know, that last bit sounded tacky, but I can assure you that it will all become un-tacky (un-tacky? yeah, that'll do?!) as I reveal myself to you, more and more. As I share my writing, my experiences, my music and my philosophies.

I haven't hidden anything on my Facebook or Instagram, there's some very insightful stuff and if you go back a few years or more, some very dumb stuff, probably. I am who I am, and I won't apologise for it or what I have done in the past, but I honour my mistakes and my wins by having learnt from them and now, want to share with others and help others break out and continually become the best version of themselves, which, is ever changing.

I write, make music, make memes, will start doing videos soon and will be sharing all of this, all of me, with you.


What Will I Be Giving Away?

Me, plain and simple. Sometimes I might share articles I've written, other times I might share a track I've written and recorded, and now and then, it'll just be my thoughts on things which many have come to love and inbox, call or message me for, almost every other day.


Why Patreon and What's The End Game?

DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!! Why the hell am I doing what I'm doing and how do I plan to pull it all off?! Wellllllllll................

I write articles but am not hellbound on getting published because I want to do things my way.

I make music but am not hellbound on getting signed because I want to do things my way.

I do lots of things but am not hellbound on getting mass recognition or millions of dollars because I want to do things my way.

I want to be as authentic as I can and those that vibe with me can ride with me. Those that don't are still cool, and there's someone else out there they should be riding with, so peace and love be with them.

My end game is a Training Warehouse and Spiritual Retreat. If you’re looking to become the best version of you, then you need a full MBS (Mind, Body and Soul) Solution. To care for yourself as a whole, so there are no weak links in the chain, we need to look at all three stages of our being. Our mind, with the easiest way of doing that, being simply to talk about a thing and talk things through and perhaps, looking at things a little differently. To take care of our body, well that’s pretty straight forward, fitness training, albeit weight loss, strength training, or muscle building, coupled with a friendly chat about personal wellbeing, encompassing nutrition, sleep and simply how to break bad habits and create new, easily sustainable, healthy ones. For the soul, meditation is key, unlocking depths we never new possible through self-reflection, self-care and self-help, we take ourselves to new heights, better understandings and deeper connections.

The warehouse will be for training and a mezzanine level for coaching seminars, advice, life coaching and the likes. The retreat is going to be a property where we can house people that are struggling to find themselves, where they can (hopefully) stay for free or a donation (like a temple) and are looked after and given the tools to heal and become whole.

The aforementioned is a brief view of my endgame in what I hope to accomplish as I didn't want my info section to be too long, but more will be revealed as we go!

So, if you'd also like to become a Spiritual Gangster, I'd love for you to support me; however you can, when you can, and let's find the best way to live, together.
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