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About LSE

LSE - Life Sustaining Environments


It's time the world automated its basic needs.

We have amazing technologies. We can talk face to face with people on the other side of the planet in real time through devices we keep in our pockets. We have cars that drive themselves. Our devices have apps that have automated everything from knowing when to meet a friend for lunch to pin-pointing our exact location on the earth and giving us audible instructions to get us to our destination. How come we haven't automated our basic needs yet? How come we still have to work for basic needs such as food, water, shelter, and power?

Imagine structures that grow our food, store clean drinking water, power our devices, and shelter us from the elements, as a standard of living, everywhere we go.

Think of a world where food is constantly growing everywhere, power and the internet are readily available, and clean drinking water is standard.

These environments are called Life Sustaining Environments.


When all our basic needs are provided for us, we no longer make decisions based off of desperation. We are able to pursue our interests and passions.

When the structures we live in provide all our basic needs for us, we don't choose to work at a meaningless job to pay our way through college, when we really want to be focusing on our education. We don't worry about our family if we lose our job. We can pick the careers we are interested in. We can invest in the ventures we've always wanted to start.

Artisans can travel and focus on what they love doing, creating. Without struggling to make ends meet.

IF WE'RE SUCCESSFUL THE WORLD RETIRES - and moves on to more important things.


We'd prefer for robots to be doing all the meaningless work for us. Leaving humanity to move on to more important and enjoyable things. 

However, if we don't have a safety net in place when the robots replace everybody's jobs, people will be left desperate and struggling, possibly in very severe situations. Life Sustaining Environments solves this problem.

Imagine over 30,000 companies as amazing as Apple

There are over 3 billion people living in poverty, or less than $2.50/day. If these 3 billion people had healthy food, clean water, shelter, and access to the internet, this would be the equivalence of 30,000 companies the size of Apple entering the workforce. 

Imagine scrolling through your social media newsfeed with literally thousands of inventions as amazing as Apple's being announced every single day. So many that you wouldn't be able to scroll through them all. 

Reversely, in the world we now live in over 20,000 people die every single day as a result of hunger and insufficient food related causes.

We need Life Sustaining Environments. It's time the world became life sustaining.


For those of you who catch the vision, you can see why we're doing what we're doing. And for those who don't, just think how cool it will be to have completely off the grid homes. 


All of the technologies we need already exist. The next stage is combining them together. 

The technologies we prefer are: Modular pre-fab homes, hydroponics and greenhouses, solar, wind, and water electricity, and water filtration and storage systems.


This vision won't build itself. We need you to support us as we donate our full time to making this a reality. Keep in mind, by funding us, you are helping yourself achieve your own Life Sustaining Environment sooner. 

Your funds also helps improve the quality of living of the world. Our goal is to make the Life Sustaining Environments as affordable as possible. Even so developing countries can afford them.

By donating you also get the first look at our research and development as it is released, giving you first access to the technology and opportunities that we create.

Thanks for your funding! 

About the Founder, Marshall Bean

Hi, I'm Marshall Bean, the Founder of LSE.

As an entrepreneur I was always interested in helping other people improve their quality of living. However, as I became aware of the realities that many people were facing, I realized that entrepreneurship wasn't going to work for everyone.

This led me to that critical question: "How can someone achieve the lifestyle of a millionaire, without actually having a million dollars?"

The creation of LSE came soon after this. If we're successful, the world will experience a lifestyle like today's millionaires. 

- Marshall Bean


All of the funding goes into research and development, with some priorities to marketing or other necessities. Our goal is to get the world life sustaining as fast as possible, and all of our allocations will be done with that in mind. 

Glimpses of the future
Images from around the web of what we think the future will look like...

From our studio
Photos from our affordable hydroponics project...

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