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1. I will follow you on any social media you have and possibly just spam you with memes.
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1. I will follow you on any social media you have and possibly just spam you with memes.

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I have started at Patreon to be able to continue to do what I love doing. Creating content.

Youtube has decided it doesn't like what I post anymore because it isn't "pretty" enough and advertiser friendly. But I am not willing to change what you guys love to watch simply to make money on that platform and please them.

Unfortunately that means that I have basically given up my right to earn money and with the amount of time and effort I put into videos I need to be able to find another way to financially this is my best bet.

All funds raised here will enable me to produce content faster for you and relieve some of the financial stress I am currently facing while I'm still trying to make content for you.

I want you to understand that this isn't a handout and I don't want it to ever feel like that for you. What you give I will give back through better, consistent and frequent uploads aswell as the few rewards that I am able to offer you right now.

If you don't want to become a patron considering it is for content I have always provided for free, I completely understand and respect your decision to do so.

But if you do, understand that it means so much to me..

I slaved away and sacrificed alot to be where I am and to bring this incredible community together..a community that enjoys the content I make and allows me to do what I love. And to have that community and lifestyle almost just ripped away from under me really, really, really sucks.

But your help will allow me to keep doing this and it means the absolute fucking world. So from the bottom of my heart..thankyou.
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I will be able to hire 2 editors who will take the workload off me and we will be able to create 1 video every single week for you instead of once a month.

I also will be able to support myself financially instead of relying on Youtube monetising or not monetising my videos.
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