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About L.V. Ana

Who are you, and what are you writing, anyway?

I've been writing as long as I could put pen to paper, and telling stories from the moment I could string words together into sentences. Maybe it's just a product of my overactive imagination, but I like to think that I was built for this. My blood is ink, my bones are the carefully crafted sentences of a thousand half-written novels, and my muscle and sinew are made of the intricate interplay between plot and characters. Without writing, the world feels stale and toxic, and so I write: day after day, hour upon hour into the night, dragging forth the stories my imaginary friends weave for me inside of my head. 

In a perfect world, this is all I would ever do. In a perfect world, there is Patreon. 

I've studied and perfected my writing over the last few years, and successfully published several books through a local indie publisher. God is a Tuscaloosa Drug Addict, my first novel, is a story of rekindling your faith after having lost it long ago. When the Christ decides he can no longer take the things that have been done in his name, he wishes himself out of existences, and only his girlfriend can convince God to bring him back. But God, himself, has lost faith in humanity, so convincing him won't be an easy task. Intertwined with the main plot is the story of how the Christ - ZJ - first met Arielle DiMarco, and what happened to Pope Joan II, the first female Pope of the Roman Catholic Church. 

I'm currently working on a new sci-fi trilogy that explores the very meaning of humanity while dealing with issues of war, poverty, prejudice, and strength. In a world where the wealthy can afford to have their brains scanned and then uploaded into perfect and immortal robotic bodies, and the poor are doomed to short, sick lives, how do we come to define our species? Tentatively titled Human X, this trilogy tells the story of Ishta Rahman, a war hero wracked with survivor's guilt after her actions in the Battle of Planetside saved billions of people while killing over half her crew. When her former adopted sister tracks her down, on the run from the law for a murder she swears she didn't commit, Ishta leaves behind the glory and the rewards she's been given by the grateful planet and risks everything to clear her sister's name - and bring a dead man back to life. 

This is what you'll get access to if you choose to join my exclusive community: work exactly like this. I write across a vast array of genres, dabbling in both high and urban fantasy, extra-solar and dystopian sci-fi, transgressive literature, historical and modern fiction, supernatural, and humor. I believe in strong stories, and I have a tendency of trying to say something with my writing. 

How can Patreon help?

With Patreon, I can begin the process of writing full-time. I took a year off from work in 2015 and devoted my time to God is a Tuscaloosa Drug Addict and the Northwood series, and that year was easily the most productive I've ever been. By returning to that state, I can continue to produce and put out quality works.

I currently have a five year plan that involves six books - the Human X trilogy as well as a trilogy of more light-hearted, absurd comedy fare. I also have two short story collections in the works, and many more books planned for the future. If I could devote my time and energy to these plans, I could achieve these goals and slowly begin to branch out into more experimental electronic fiction. A YouTube channel? A navigable website story? There are a lot of fascinating ideas!

What do we get out of it?

My writing! You will get my writing. Sneak peaks of my novels, as well as exclusive access to those short story collections I mentioned. I'll upload them here as I write them, to be collected later for sale. You'll also get to provide real-time input on my writing process as I run screaming to the Internet with questions like, "This character just threw himself into the book! What's his name!? HELP!" and, "Apparently everyone has piled into a car and taken a road trip without informing me. Where do you guys think they're going?" Incidentally, you'll also get my terrible wit, and the crazy ramblings of someone whose characters make decisions without them. Ahem. Not to mention all the great rewards I've planned out for you!

Anyway, thank you for staying with me this long, thank you for your interest in joining me on this journey, and happy readings! May your books be long, and your days be relaxing.
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