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About Lauren "Denali" Wallace

Hi, I'm Lauren, but you may know me as "Denali" or "Growly". I am an artist of many media, and animals is my specialty!
My public art Tumblr is here:

I have been developing original characters and concepts for a long comic project. While I am working on the finer points of my big story, I am producing mini comics to introduce the world and characters to my audience. Through these mini comics, I am developing my artwork and storytelling methods so that when it is time to share my big years-long story, it will be the highest quality it can be. With your support, I can afford to spend more hours on my original content and yield quicker improvement, mini comics will be posted faster, and more of the over-arcing story will be created. I am so excited to share my world with you!

Patrons will be able to see tons of exclusive behind-the-scenes content as I create content. In between mini comics, I'll be working on plot development, character sheets, set design, concept art- so there is lots of neat stuff to look at no matter when you decide to pledge.

Thank you for considering supporting me!
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I can now afford a monthly subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud! Yay! My current copy of Photoshop is CS4… old now. Celebratory requests night! Request things for me to draw in a stream, one night only. The exact date will be voted on by my Patrons so the most amount of people can participate.
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