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Why support Ladies Doing Stuff Podcast?
We need people, especially women, to be honest and open about the challenges they face everyday. We also need to laugh at those challenges if we’re going to find any relief from life in a big city like Los Angeles.

The world needs to hear our show so that they know they are not alone in their struggle to "make it." Whatever that means for the millennial generation. We encourage others to follow their own paths to living full, healthy lives; and we share our journey as we attempt to do the same. Listen to the show, and take a break from the illusions of perfection permeating our minds and social media feeds on an hourly basis. With our show, women can listen and be reminded that it's okay to be their authentic and imperfect selves.

Support Ladies Doing Stuff Podcast and join a powerful, transparent, vivacious community of people that unafraid to be themselves, even if the world is watching.

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We believe in transparency and choice. If there is a specific place you want your money to go, just say so!

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