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About Lady Beelze

Greetings! Welcome and thanks a lot for taking a look at my page c:

I'm LadyBeelze. I've been a big fan of cartoons, anime, comics and manga since I was a teenager , and my dream is to become a great comic artist! I've been working hard since I'm a teenager and fortunately, many people have supported me through the time This support (comments, critiques and donations) has helped me improve my skills and work harder to achieve my dream!

If you enjoy my work and would like to support me too, please consider becoming a patron c: In exchange, I try my best both to become a better artist and repay the support with funny, silly stories: I love making people laugh, so every smile I can put in somebody's face is a great achievement for me!

Currently I'm working on two pokemon comics (sfw): "Mewtwo's wish" and "Getting along": first is about Mewtwo going to Hoopa trying to get certain important, special thing. You can read this by joining the $10 dollars tier and also have access to sketch requests. The second one is about Dialga and Palkia having to forcefully join their efforts when something weird and unexplainable threatens their guardian Giratina's life. This one is a comedy and you can read it by joining the $15 dollars tier and get access to all my other rewards.


Also: I'm a yaoi girl. I may submit some yaoi content and comics from time to time, but it's always sfw (uncensored versions are submited somewhere else)

Thanks a lot for reading!
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