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Monthly Q & A Live Stream on Youtube with Lady & Streetmachine66
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About Lady Miss 80s Gaming

Hi, we're Lady Miss 80s Gaming! We are Youtuber's, Streamers and Machinima Makers active for over a year and love what we do! We are constantly striving to improve our channel in the effort to bring you some of the most entertaining and best quality gaming content on the web.

We love our viewers and subscribers as they are our biggest support and keep us motivated to create high quality gaming content. Without you guys we wouldn't be here today... seriously, we appreciate your support and love chatting and interacting with you during livestreams and on our social media.

All pledges of any size will help us continue to create regular content including live streams, podcasts, let's plays and machinima.

Thank you for your support whether you have decided to pledge or just participate... you guys are amazing! 

❤ Lady Miss 80s & Streetmachine66