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A Little About Me:
Born and raised in California. I am American born Chinese. Bilingual in English and Cantonese. I enjoy streaming for the hell of it, gaming, basketball, photography, music, and comic books. I dislike being judged as a stereotypical "female gamer," and my goal is to gain credibility as a "gamer." I worked as a Game Master at Aeria Games & Entertainment and PlayNext formerly known as [GM] Versus. I wanted to make an impact in the gaming community through my career and/or hobby. If you have more questions, please feel free to ask me during my live streams.

Why Pledge?
By pledging you will be providing me with the funds to continue providing quality streams. All funds from donations and pledges will be solely used for my YouTube and Twitch videos. To be more specific, the money will be used on purchasing stream equipment, items for giveaways and occasionally games.

For example, if i am purchasing a game requested from viewers or equipment, it will be purchased from my fund. Games that i wish to play personally will be coming directly from my own pocket. Majority of the funds will be used to purchase stream related materials and items for giveaways.

Patreon vs Twitch Partnership:
Unfortunately, since I do not meet the requirements to become a Twitch Partner nor am i anywhere near achieving the partnership. I am unable to participate in partnership benefits like subscribers, etc. Thus, I would need to take alternative actions to support my streaming addiction, via Patreon. Just like the partnership, viewers are able to choose whether or not they want to support the channel a little more than a follow or a view by funding the channel with a 5 dollar or more monthly payment. The subscription can be cancelled at anytime. Patreon will automatically charge pledgers $5 at the beginning of every month.

Rules and Regulations:
Please note that subscribers of my channels must still follow all of my channel terms.  Terms includes following the Terms of Service of any media i am currently engaged on. This enables me to keep the chat respectful and entertaining for everyone. My mods do moderate my channel voluntarily and are not required to always take action. Thus, if necessary i will personally remove viewers that are deemed inappropriate.

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