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Every single seed that is sowed ends up contributing to a bountiful harvest at some point. Or a garden full of weeds. Seriously Ralph, did you not know that those were crab-grass seeds?

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Ash Sapling here, Ash Sapling there. Oh my, there are Ash Saplings everywhere!

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You might be a little prickly on the outside sometimes, but on the inside, you're just a sack of blood and flesh like everybody else. No! Wait! I mean't that you're cute, or something. Still a meat slab though.

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About Laevo

My name is Logan/Laevo and I occasionally put words in a text document and then post them on RoyalRoad. (See: 'The Caring Dungeon' or 'Druidic Cultivation' (Or Technocide if you're desperate)
I'm mostly made a patreon account so that little orange button on the bottom of my story isn't grayed out anymore (stupid reason, I know).

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