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$1 a month will get you a personalised thank you message and also the ability to contact us via our personal emails, for an even faster response!
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$5 a month will get you a shout out in our videos (Most likely in an end slate) [Plus the $1 reward]
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$10 a month will get you all of the above [$1 and $5 reward] and you have the ability to get access to the latest offers, deals and sponsorships a week before everyone else!




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About LaffyCoNetwork

We are a growing network and need all the money we can get to help provide a great quality service!
We will use the money to pay our staff, get hold of better software to give away to our partners and even get hold of good deals, which includes music licenses.
$0 of $10 per month
Once we get $10 a month we will try get a deal with game server hosting companies so our partners get free game servers!
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