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For just ONE dollar you can recieve:

 - Slightly more respect

 - A Shiny Patron role on Island of Derps

 - An imaginary pat on the back

 - The satisfaction that you are donating to me.

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For just FIVE dollars you can recieve:

 - Even more respect

 - I will put your head in some of my challenges

 - I will virtually give you a hug

 - You might find out where the frick the iron was

 - You can submit ideas of challenges directly to me and you might see them implemented into a future show.

 - Everything from the previous ranks.

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For just TEN dollars you can recieve:

 - Much more respect

 - You will be given a shoutout in most gameshows.

 - I will give you some BTS Sneak Peeks that ohers can't see.

 - A high-five with the use of the clap emoji.

 - Everything from the previous ranks.




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About LambeauGames

Hey guys! I am Lambeau, a minecraft gameshow creator!
As a minecraft gameshow creator, I have to go through the entire process of producing these shows, from creating an environment, scheduling a date for the cast, editing, and uploading. It is not the easiest thing to exist.
Money from patrons is used to directly improve the quality of my shows by allowing me to get better equipment and hire editors to get the shows out to you faster.
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If I manage to reach $1,000 per month, I will go give someone a high five.
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