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About Lamoura

Who is Lamoura?

Hi, I’m a content creator on YouTube, that focuses on playing and reviewing games, in a retrospective style. I take pride in my editing, and try to improve on it with every video. I’m just a guy that loves all things to do with gaming.

One of my current projects is called "Second Wind", where I dive back into video games from my past, in order to relive the nostalgia and see if the games still hold up today. With these videos, I try to push my skills to the limit. With every video, I try to improve my scriptwriting and my editing style. The newest addition to the series is animated avatars, that blend the storytime animation, with reviews. A blend, of YouTube genres that I havent seen before.

The other project is a "First Impressions" type of video. I started my YouTube career as a Let's Player, but have since retired doing so. These first impressions are a way to blend my current review style and the old lets plays, into a new style that will hopefully tap into what my old fans loved. 

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To view any of my content all you need to do is become a Patreon. Feel free to offer as much or as little as you want. I want my Patreon to be a place for people that WANT to support my content and my channel.

There will be no Tier walls, that will block off content, no matter how much you pledge. If you become a patron, you get everything I have to offer a week+ earlier than anyone on YouTube.

If you decide to become a Patreon, you may also get sneak peeks into future projects or content that doesn't fit in the confines of my channel.

Thank You!

Whether you decide to take the steps to become a Patron or not, I have to say THANK YOU. My YouTube content shall always be free. I am, and always have been, thankful to everyone that has given me a chance. Patreon is not necessary or required, it is something extra you can do to help me out, see some extra content. 

Peace Out and Much Love To Ya!
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